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Project Updates:
GPEL has commissioned its second coke oven gas desulphurization and hydrogen separation plant for Tata Steel Ltd. These two plants plants located in Jamshedpur, India are the only installations of this type in Asia. GPEL is also providing the technical knowhow and manpower to operate and maintain these plants.

GPEL has recently supplied two hydrogen compressor packages using 2 stage diaphragm compressors from Fluitron Inc. of USA. These units are make-up gas compressors for a PSU refinery in India. GPEL is the approved packager of Fluitron Inc. and has over 15 installations in India.

GPEL has successfully handed over a brown field gas purification plant for Tata Steel's CRM gas utilities. This upgradation project's principal challenges of site fabrication / erection of 250 m of 10" piping through existing pipe racks, hook-up to the coke oven gas network, PLC modification and commissioning of the entire plant were completed during a shut down of seven days.

GPEL has commissioned the largest carbon dioxide dryer in Asia for the dew point control needed for a 4 stage turbo compressor
Flow: 59,200 kg/hr
End User: GNFC
Customer: L&T
Engineering Consultant: PDIL

GPEL has installed a closed loop nitrogen regenerated ethylene dehydration package for an Alco ethylene plant in Egypt
Flow: 8,600 kg/hr
Engineering Consultant: Chematur

GPEL has provided process and detail engineering services for a three bed open loop dry gas regenerated natural gas dryer. The commissioning was completed a few weeks back.
Flow: 245,000 Nm3/hr
End User: ONGC Uran (LPG Extraction Plant)
Customer: L&T
Engineering Consultant: STEP

Welcome to GPEL

Gas Processing Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (GPEL) is a leading player in gas dehydration, separation, filtration, up-gradation and compression.

Over the years, GPEL has differentiated itself through its expertise in process engineering and skid packaging. GPEL works with some of the most explosive process gases, under pressures exceeding 300 bar. Our executions include super duplex stainless steel, incoloy, hestaloy, nicrofer and cupronickel. Be it transferring the design and technology for heat of compression dryers to Atlas Copco, Belgium for their 'XD' model or designing India's first hypersonic wind tunnel, we have always taken up projects that demand the next level of engineering.

With a growing team of professionals, equipped with latest simulation, solid modeling, mechanical and thermal sizing software, GPEL provides its customers complete turnkey solutions for all their gas processing requirements. We also focus on services such as process and detail engineering, mostly for European and American clients. Headquartered in Pune, we are in close proximity to many of our Indian customers and enjoy access to a large pool of trained engineering talent.

Thank you for taking time out to visit our website. Should you have any further queries, do feel free to write in or call us.

  • Upstream hydrocarbon - Offshore processing platforms, CBM, onshore oil fields
  • Midstream hydrocarbon - Refineries and LPG plants
  • Downstream hydrocarbon - Petrochemical complexes
  • Fertilizer plants - Gas based, naphtha based, oil gasification type
  • Steel - Byproduct plants, utility gas cleaning plants
  • Aerospace - Wind tunnels
  • Power - Thermal and nuclear power plants
  • Biogas - Up-gradation plants, gas compression and dispensing stations
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